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Pedestrian Accidents

West Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

We have always heard people speak about "a fair fight" and demand balanced opponents in any type of conflict to ensure that the outcome is moderate and appropriate. On the road, the most "unfair fight" would be exemplified in a pedestrian vs. motor vehicle accident. It has been said, and is quite true, that bicycle accidents and motorcycle accidents are as severe as they are because the rider of the bike or motorcycle has little to no protection in comparison to the driver of the vehicle. This is even more so true for pedestrians, who are virtually helpless and undefended in the event of an accident. With no means of escape and nothing to shield them, they stand alone to face an oncoming vehicle and are at the risk of sustaining the most catastrophic injuries.

Pedestrian accidents occur most often due to the negligence of a motor vehicle driver. Even though pedestrians are virtually everywhere and drivers are instructed to always be aware of them, accidents involving pedestrians kill hundreds every year when pedestrians do simple, everyday things like cross the street or walk through a parking lot. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a pedestrian accident with a motor vehicle, speak with a West Virginia personal injury attorney with the Klie Law Offices to learn more about your rights and options.

Pedestrian Accident Attorney in WV

Despite the fact that drivers should be aware of pedestrians at all times, they often are not. Pedestrian accidents are caused by drivers texting, driving too fast, drunk driving and other negligent actions. Predictably, this type of negligent disregard for the safety of those on foot can result in serious short-term, long-term, permanent injury and even death. Pedestrians may be difficult to see, but the need to stay aware while at the wheel is the duty of any driver. They should always make the effort to respect the rights of pedestrians.

Pedestrians who have been involved in an accident with a negligent driver of a motor vehicle should know that they have rights in the event of serious injury which leads to costly medical bills and prescriptions, lost wages due to inability to work, emotional trauma and pain and suffering, and physical therapy rehabilitation. We are West Virginia personal injury attorneys and defending the rights of pedestrians in West Virginia is important to us.

Klie Law Office is committed to providing the highest quality representation to the injured and their families. We have represented the interests of many victims of pedestrian accidents, and will continue to defend the rights of pedestrians who have suffered injury due to the reckless negligence of a motor vehicle driver. To learn more about how you can claim compensation for the injuries of a victim of a pedestrian accident, whether that it is you or a close family member, contact a personal injury lawyer in West Virginia today.

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